Connected objects

What is home automation ?

Home automation is the term used for the technology that allows you to control your home’s electronic devices and appliances from a central location. This can include everything from your home’s lighting and security system to your thermostat and entertainment…

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Connected objects that are changing our daily lives

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed our lives in many ways, but it’s also changing the way we live in more physical ways too. The internet of things – or the connected devices that are increasingly a part…

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The advantages of connected objects for our security

There are many advantages of connected objects for our security. Perhaps the most important is that they can help us keep track of our belongings and possessions. For example, if you have a connected object in your car, you can…

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Are connected objects well secured?

In recent years, the number of connected objects has increased exponentially. However, are these objects well secured? This article looks at the security of connected objects and the potential risks they pose. The security risks of connected objects As the…

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